Guardian Tales - Official Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Developer: Team Snake

Publisher: Kong Studio Productions

Genre: Action Adventure

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Price: Free to Play

Where to Buy/Wishlist: Nintendo eShop

Even though Guardian Tales is a free-to-play game, I would still like to take the time to thank the developer as well as the publisher for providing me with a copy of the game so that I could write this review.

Guardian Tales is a free-to-play gacha game that has just been released on the Nintendo Switch. When the game first starts off you choose your character which, is between a male and female knight. After that, you get to choose your knight's personality. You can be a Daring Knight, A Quiet Knight, and a Bright Knight. This doesn't seem to do much, but change the voice of how you're character will sound. After that, you are to name your knight with a 10-character limit name which consumes Gems so you need to carefully think of a name and that's pretty much it for customization. You don't get to really choose how your knight is going to look, which was a bit of a letdown.


The game starts off with the kingdom of Kanterbury being attacked by demons, and you escaping the attack of said demons, which serves as your tutorial for the game. Once you get the ends and outs of the game, you fall into what your real adventure is, which is to find the party you were with while fleeing the kingdom. It's interesting they call it a kingdom as there is a Queen that calls the shots. It doesn't bother me that it's called a kingdom instead of a Queendom because for all you know the king may have already fled.

Before I continue my tangent, (which is something I don't want to do) I should let you know that the game plays sorta like a mobile game, as it was ported over from mobile. You get stamina to complete your adventures, but starting off you get a lot of stamina, so you can go through quite a bit of the game before you really have to wait for stamina to regenerate. It's also good to note that Stamina is not used when returning to places that were once visited.

As stated before the game is a gacha game. The game provides you with a free 10-pull for hero summons. Then after that, you have to either pay with paid gems or use summon controllers to summon more heroes. The same goes with weapons except the game does not give you a free 10-pull for weapons. The summon controllers can be awarded by completing quests, but if you want to you can very well spend money on gems to summon as well.

The controls are pretty straightforward. I played hooked up to the television, so I played with the joy cons in a controller sense. You can also play in handheld mode, just not in touch screen mode, which makes sense as the game did not seem to have an auto battle system in place, at least not one that I could see. So you have to manually go through the levels.

When it comes to leveling up, you earn crytals that you use to level up your characters. The amount increases as you level but the crystals come pretty frequently, so it's not a problem. These crystals are different from the gems that you earn or pay for.  When it comes to equipment you have to set up your equipment before you go on your adventure, as you are only able to equip when you find things on your adventure, but not switch equipment out during your adventure. You have to pay attention when this happens because the window to equip your gear is rather small, and you may miss out on equipping gear that could have been helpful.

The game does offer a guild system, so you can play with others. You can also start your own guild as well. There is no level cap for starting a guild so that is nice, but it will cost you 20,000 gold to start your own. There are going to be Guild Raids coming soon, so that's at least nice to do with your guild members, as well as help them with quests.

Overall, Guardian Tales is an adorable gacha game, and I recommend it if you don't mind that is indeed a gacha game. I love gacha games that allow for you to actually do the work as opposed to letting the auto-battle system do everything.

If you want to play Guardian Tales for yourself you can do so on mobile, but if you are looking to play on a bigger screen, then you can pick up the game on Nintendo Switch's Nintendo eShop for free.