Temtem - Official 1.0 Release Date Trailer

Before I begin my review of TemTem for the Nintendo switch; I would like to let the reader know that the Following game was provided to me for free by the developers and publishers. Therefore, I would like to thank the developer/publisher for providing a free copy of the game to play for this review.

Temtem is a creature-collecting adventure with massively multi-player elements. Along with your Temtem crew, seek for adventure in the magnificent Airborne Archipelago. Catch every Temtem, engage in combat with other tamers, personalize your home, go on an adventure with a companion, or explore the vibrant online world.

Remember how people would say I wish Pokemon would come to other consoles, well wait no longer and feast your eyes on temtem a monster collecting game with MMO aspects. You start off the game by customizing your trainer. I felt that the customization was relatively decent and you can select your pronouns he/him, she/her. and they/them.

Once you get into the game, it starts off kind of like Pokemon a bit. You are getting ready to become a Tamer you are given a temapedia and set out with your rival to get your first temtem. I am not sure if the temtems that act as your starter temtem are randomly generated but you get to select from three different temtem. Your Rival reveals something to you and leaves everyone in awe. Then you are out on your own to explore the island and make it to the Academy by yourself. As your escort says the best way to become a tamer is to do it yourself and from experience.

Overall, the game is a Pokemon Clone that offers you the ability to play against others in real time and without the friend codes. As I am not a big Pokemon player I would say the game is okay for those who have never played Pokemon, as you go around fighting other tamers be they Real Players on NPC's.

There is a battle pass called the Tem Pass, that looks like it offers a lot of cosmetics for your character, but that was about all I saw from the pass. So if you like cosmetics then I recommend getting the Tem Pass.

I felt the battle system was pretty easy to learn, just have to remember what temtem is good against what temtem when it comes to battle, and again like Pokemon switching temtem's out gives them more experience for the specific temtem in battle.


Overall, Temtem is probably the closest you will get to a Pokemon game on other consoles, and I can apprecaite them for doing that. There is both a Regular and Deluxe Version for temtem. Where the deluxe version goes for $64.99 USD and includes:

Temcard brag
Suit up

Top Tamer cosmetic pack:
Top Tamer cap
Top Tamer outfit
Top Tamer rucksack

Stylish Suit cosmetic pack:
Swanky jacket
Snazzy trousers

If you would like to play temtem for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s):




$44.99 USD



[Nintendo Switch]

$44.99 USD




$44.99 USD



[PlayStation 5]

$44.99 USD