Ready Set Indie Games' Indie Game Variety Show: Melatonin Demo (PC)

The Following game was provided to me from and was given to for free by the developers/publishers of the game. I would like to thank the developers/publishers on behalf of for providing a free copy of the game to play for this video and for review.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays Melatonin Demo on PC.

Melatonin is a rhythm game about dreams and reality merging together. It uses animations and sound cues to keep you on beat without any intimidating overlays or interfaces. Harmonize through a variety of dreamy levels containing surprising challenges, hand-drawn art, and vibrant music.

If you would like to play Melatonin Demo for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s):


Releases Q3 2022 

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at