Queer Man Peering Into A Rock Pool.jpg

In this gameplay video, Ready Set Indie Games plays  Queer Man Peering Into A Rock Pool.jpg Demo on PC.

A bizarre and wonderful experience in which a middle-aged queer man toddles around an island trying to re-furnish his empty house.

The Queer Man Peering into a Rock Pool.jpg is just as bizarre as it is wonderful. At first I was a little confused about the gameplay when the little blobs started following me. Then as I got into the gameplay, I started to appreciate the Queer Man and what he was trying to do. The game is art in motion and can be interpreted any way you want. For me, I feel like the old man might be suffering from dementia and is having trouble remembering things which are why things appear to be blobs around him. Again this is just what I think, you may think something else. However, what I can say is that Queer Man Peering deserves a wishlist if you love surreal and abstract games.

This is the Ludo Narra Con 2022 Demo of the game and therefore it is best to realize that the following gameplay footage you see may or may not be featured in the final version of the game, also there may be some noticeable bugs in the game.

If you would like to play the game for yourself, you can get the demo during Ludo Narra Con 2022 which is May 5 - May 9, 2022 on Steam. If you miss playing the demo, you can always wishlist the game on steam. Wishlisting the game does help the developers out a lot, so when in doubt wishlist it out.