Ready Set Indie Games Indie Game Variety Show: Wobbledogs (PC)

The Following game was provided to me for free by the developers and publishers. Therefore I would like to thank the developer/publisher for providing a free copy of the game to play on my stream.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays Wobbledogs on PC.

Wobbledogs is an adorable simulation game in which you breed dogs. Each dog has a unique mutation to them and they all have a different personality. Although the game is adorable there were some things that I didn't gel with. I personally felt that the game didn't have enough variety to the game. Every dog I breeder was the same type of dog and this could be because I was still at the beginning of the game, but the RNG even with the eggs seemed a little off. In the game, you can incubate an egg, but the eggs kept giving me the same dogs that I already had. I would like the RNG for different dogs to be a little better.

Other than the RNG not being in one's favorite, I thought the game was a pretty good game. The controls were solid. You can play with a keyboard and mouse, or even a controller depending on which one you prefer. I chose to play the game with KBM, as these are the controls that are more to my liking when I play simulation games.

Overall, Wobbledogs is definitely a game you can relax to, and if you have more patience can become fun as you continue to breed more dogs.

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