Ready Set Indie Games Indie Game Variety Show: FixFox (PC)

Photosensitive and Motion Sickness Warning

The following video contains flashing lights, images, and/or motions that can be an issue for those who have Photosensitive issues and/or those who suffer from motion sickness, Even if you’ve never had them before. If at any time during watching this gameplay video you feel:
Temporary confusion
Episodes of staring blankly
Uncontrollable jerking movements or twitching of the arms and legs
Loss of consciousness or awareness
Psychological symptoms such as fear and anxiety
Cold sweats
Inability to concentrate
Increased saliva, nausea, and vomiting
Immediately stop viewing the video and seek medical attention. Your health is more important to me than a view of a video.
Viewers Discretion Advised.

The Following game was provided to me for free by the developers and publishers. Therefore I would like to thank the developer/publisher for providing a free copy of the game to play on my stream.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays FixFox (PC)

Fixfox is a point-and-click adventure in which you play Vix, one of the worse SPACR'S there is, as he/she/they cannot really fix anything, at least according to his/her/their peers. All of that changes when he/she/they are asked to go on a mission to fix some retro gear, and being the only one for the Job, Vix sets out on the adventure.

You may be wondering why I kept using pronouns up above. Well, in FixFox you have the option of choosing which pronoun Vix goes by and can choose from he, she, or they. In my playthrough I played as her and on my second playthrough, I played as them. I thought that was really cool because the game is inclusive and gives you the immersion that you are indeed Vix.

I will admit that I did get stuck for a moment and was a little confused with the controls. I was unaware that you needed to drag things to the top of the screen to use them. so that little tad bit in the tutorial might have been nice to add. I thought the game was bricked until I accidentally dragged the item to the top of the screen.

I will say I do enjoy the mini-games that are in FIXFox from feeding Vix to repairing objects, I felt the mini-games were well done. The story is well thought out and if you enjoy points and clicks that have a good story and mini games then I highly recommend picking up FixFox.

If you would like to play FixFox for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s):


$14.99 USD
$13.49 USD Until April 7, 2022

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