Ready Set Indie Games Presents: 15 Indie Games You Should Try From 2021

Photosensitive and Motion Sickness Warning

The following games use flashing lights, images, and/or motions that can be an issue for those who have Photosensitive issues and/or those who suffer from motion sickness, Even if you’ve never had them before. If at any time during watching this gameplay video you feel:
Temporary confusion
Episodes of staring blankly
Uncontrollable jerking movements or twitching of the arms and legs
Loss of consciousness or awareness
Psychological symptoms such as fear and anxiety
Cold sweats
Inability to concentrate
Increased saliva, nausea, and vomiting
Immediately stop viewing the video and seek medical attention. Your health is more important to me than a view of a video.
Viewers Discretion Advised.

The Following Game Fights in Tight Spaces Contains one or more of the following subjects:

Suggestive Themes
Drug Use
Crude Humor
Blood and Gore
Sexual Themes
Simulated Gambling
Strong Language
Mental Health Struggles

And therefore may not be suitable for some viewers

Viewers Discretion Advised.

In this gameplay video, Ready Set Indie Games shows off 15 Indie Games that you should try from 2021. The 15 games in this list are all from Steam and are as follows:

Warnings/Opening 00:00:00

15. Nuclear Blaze 00:00:26
14. Cardful Planning 00:03:26
13. Rogue Glitch 00:05:20
12. Annalynn 00:06:45
11. Buildings Have Feelings Too! 00:08:27
10. Street Cleaner - The Video Game 00:11:30
9. The Amazing American Circus 00:12:25
8. Fights in Tight Spaces 00:14:54
7. Out of Line 00:17:54
6. Super Raft Boat 00:19:54
5. SuperMash 00:22:43
4. Chill Corner 00:26:53
3. pureya 00:29:53
2. Dandy Ace 00:34:27
1. Narita Boy/Ending 00:37:26

If you are more of a reader and would like to read about the games. Here is the article for the games.