I had to change the way that I provide coverage for The Indie Houses Event due to an IRL Situation. Therefore, all of the coverage that I was going to provide is going to be YouTube Premiere's with the games then having their own individual videos after the Premiere.

The Indie Houses is an international collective of publishers composed of games industry veterans. Between the seven publishers and our developers, we span multiple continents, languages, genres, and points of view.

We believe in collectively supporting the growth of one another through education, encouragement, collaboration, transparency, and opportunity. We combine our experiences with forward-thinking vision and believe in treating others in our field as friends and collaborators instead of as counterparts or obstacles. Our indies-for-indies attitude means we prefer to focus on the open sharing of knowledge and resources rather than cutthroat competition.

The work we do is intended not only to elevate ourselves and our developers but the status of indie games across the board. We foster a collaborative and friendly relationship with other developers and publishers both within and outside of our organization. Join us on our journey to make games a friendlier, more inclusive place for everyone.

The Indie Houses Direct 2021

Hour-long direct stream
Over 30+ news beats from all 7 publishers
Fresh new game announcements
Never-before-seen content
New trailers and DLC reveals
Updates from each studio
A week-long Steam event with over 40 game demos, 100+ games on sale & bundles, developer live streams, Q&A sessions, and more