Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams: Deadly Days (PC)

Photo Sensitivity Warning

The following game Deadly Days uses flashing lights and/or images that can be an issue for those who have Photo Sensitivity issues, Even if you’ve never had them before. If at any time during watching this gameplay video you feel:
Temporary confusion
Episodes of staring blankly
Uncontrollable jerking movements or twitching of the arms and legs
Loss of consciousness or awareness
Psychological symptoms such as fear and anxiety
Immediately stop viewing the video and seek medical attention. Your health is more important to me than a view of a video.
Viewers Discretion Advised.

The Following game Deadly Days was provided to me for free by the developers/publishers of the game. I would like to thank the developers/publishers for providing a free copy of the game to play on my stream.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays Deadly Days on PC.

As I am a big fan of roguelike games. I was more than happy to provide coverage and my thoughts about Deadly Days. Before I  begin my review of Deadly Days I would like to thank the developers and publisher for providing me with a free copy of Deadly Days to play on streams as well as to write this review. Deadly Days is a zombie apocalypse survival roguelike game. The story of the game is that a factory has sent out bad burgers across the town. Due to this bad meat getting out, they have caused a zombie apocalypse and your goal is to find The Main Burger Factory and shut it down, preventing the creation of new Zombies.

The game is a pixel art zombie rogue-lite survival game. You start off with two survivors who have their own set of skills and abilities. That can be improved once the survivor levels up. To level up the survivors you have to present them with a piece of food at the end of the day. By not giving the survivors food at the end of the day, you are leading them to their doom.

After the tutorial of the game which takes about 10-15 minutes at most. You start a proper run of the game. You will then choose between four specializations three of which are already unlocked and one that is unlocked upon completing a successful run. Each specialization has unique unlockables as well as passive bonuses that help you to progress with your main mission. After picking your specialization you then start selecting between missions. The missions tell you the size of the area for the mission, how much loot there is, and how dangerous the mission is. In addition, if there is anything special you would need to know about the mission it will also tell you that as well. Once on the mission, you get a list of objectives that have to be completed before you return back to base camp.  However, all objectives sometimes will not be able to be completed and so you have to again make a decision on which ones you are going to try to complete. So far, from my playthrough, it doesn’t seem to be a big penalty or one at all for not completing the objectives.

I will say that the game does pack a bit of a challenge though. In the tutorial it made it seem you had a longer time limit, however in the full game the time limit is not that long and I would have liked a way to extend the time limit a bit, but at the same time, I like that it’s a fast pace time limit. If there was a casual mode it would make sense to extend the time, but as there is not leisure or casual about a Zombie Apocalypse then I totally understand why the day cycle is short. Not to say that there aren’t things that can help extend it, but even then the time cycle is still a little short.

When it comes to the controls of the game you can use a keyboard and mouse, or a controller. When I play these types of games I tend to play them with a keyboard and mouse. The controls are pretty easy, although the tutorial goes over some of the controls a little too fast for me and sadly there is no way to go back and look up the controls for a keyboard and mouse. However, you can look up the controller scheme for the controller. So it would be nice to be able to look at both schemes.

Overall, I have had a lot of fun with deadly days and if you are someone who likes rogue-lite zombie apocalypse survival games, then this is one that I do recommend.

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