Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams: No Longer Home (PC)

The Following game No Longer Home was provided to me for free by the developers/publishers of the game. I would like to thank the developers/publishers for providing a free copy of the game to play on my stream.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays No Longer Home on PC.

No Longer Home is a fantastic narrative story about two non-binary pals as they figure out what to do after their university life and life in general. I first came across No Longer Home during LudoNarraCon 2021 and immediately fell in love with the story of the game and the art style. So it was very exciting when I was offered a free copy of No Longer Home to play on stream and review. So before I go into my review I would like to thank the developer Humble Grove and the publisher Fellow Traveller for providing me with a copy of the game to play on stream and review.

As stated before No Longer Home is the story of non-binary pals Ao and Bo as they try to figure out not only who they are, but what they are going to do after University. You take control of Bo at the beginning of the game as they seem to be having a hard time with Depression and figuring things out. I will admit as someone myself who goes through Depression, I really like that the developers did not bastardize the symptoms of depression in the game. Not everyone just lays around all day, sleeping, and eating pints of ice cream, like most media depicts. Some that suffer from Depression do things or at least try to get themselves to do things and not let the Depression consume them, and Bo shows that when Ao askes them to go out and stretch their legs.

Another thing that made me connect with the game is how Bo is always questioning themselves. It is very similar to what I would do in a lot of situations when faced with them, sometimes talking things out helps and Bo shows this very well, but overall Bo was a character that I could identify with and relate to and I really appreciate that when I can connect to the character of a game, it makes it more personal for me and appreciates it more.

Also, the game is gorgeous and I love the art style of the game. I love the fact that the characters don't have real facial features. I love it because as they are non-binary it forces you to accept those characters for who they are and not what you perceive them as. I had to remind myself that these were non-binary characters as I made the mistake of calling Bo he, when in fact they are they, and I corrected my mistake immediately.  I also loved the symbolism in the game as well. As Bo moves through the flat that they share with Ao they run into a mysterious cloud or signs of symbolism. I interpret the cloud in Ao's room as Depression and how it can sometimes linger in places but again that is the way I interpret it. I really love games that have deep meanings, in fact, I like to refer to them more so as Art in Motion than a game, and No Longer Home is without a doubt Art in Motion. From it's art style to even the music that perfectly sets the tone, No Longer Home is just beautiful.

For those who are into the technical side of things, when it comes to the controllers for the game you can use either the mouse or the controller. I forgot about the controller controls for the game until my controller began to vibrate, but usually, for these types of works of art, I tend to use a keyboard and mouse. I also like that you can turn on the audio cues for everything so making it friendly for those who may be hard of hearing or deaf. The game is such a fantastic piece of work and I hope to see it ported to Nintendo Switch in the near future as this would be a perfect game to sit back and relax too. But for now, the game is only available on PC and macOS, but I Highly Recommend picking up No Longer Home especially if you are into story-driven games.

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