Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams: Moving Out: Movers in Paradise (PC)

Originally Team 17 Gave me the DLC for Moving Out: Movers in Paradise on XBOX One. I did not realize that it was a DLC when I accepted the code. However, to make things right and to still provide coverage for the game and its DLC. I ended up purchasing the game on PC with all the DLC and so I do want to thank Team 17 for providing me with the DLC for XBOX, but this is coverage for the PC version as it was a better purchase choice for me.

**Update August 3. 2021**

Team 17 was nice enough to provide me with a Xbox One version of the game as well. So I wanted to come back and update you all on the situation and to say thank you to Team 17 for providing me with a free version of Moving Out to play on Xbox One. The game still plays the same as the PC version and as I have provided written coverage for the game. I am just updating here to let you know that the game plays the exact same well and there wasn't anything different from the PC or XBOX One version. It still is a great game and I recommend getting it on whatever platform you see fit. Just remember that the console version of the game is couch co-op only.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays Moving Out on PC.

Moving Out on PC is a single-player or multiple-player game done by Team 17 [creators of Overcooked and Overcooked 2] So originally I was offered a code for the DLC on XBOX One and I accepted the code, not realizing it was a DLC and not a stand-alone game. So to make matters right I ended up purchasing the deluxe version on PC which included the Movers in Paradise DLC as well as the Employees of the Month DLC. So although I ended up purchasing the game to cover it, I still want to take the time to thank Team 17 for providing me with a free copy of the DLC on Xbox One.

As stated before Moving Out is a single-player or multiple-player local game with up to four players. In the game, you play one of the many Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technician or to put it in simple terms A F.A.R.T. Your job as a F.A.R.T. is to move people's things from one place to the next. In the core game, you start with four characters and for each DLC there are 4 more added. So with the Deluxe Version of the game which includes the Movers in Paradise DLC and Employee of the Month DLC you start off with 12 playable characters.

The Movers in Paradise DLC also adds 23 new levels to the game, with the 4 additional movers to the game as well. One of the things that I thought was interesting with the game is that unlike Overcooked 1 and 2, with the DLC to Moving Out you have to go through the game in order to access those levels. Which is much different than Overcooked 1 and 2  where you could just access the content from the main menu. However, I actually liked that you have to go through the game of Moving Out in order to get to the content because the game is a lot of fun and I imagine you can reach it in no time.

Another thing I liked about Moving Out is that it has an accessibility menu as well as an assisted mode. So if you want to play the game by yourself, you can change the settings in the game to accommodate single-player mode. So if you are playing alone you can set it that two-player objects are not as heavy. You can increase the time limit on the level, you can make the objects once loaded on the truck disappear. Another cool thing that I really enjoyed about the assisted mode is that using it does not punish you for using it, so if you like to collect achievements you still get to get your achievements even if you are playing with an assisted mode.

There are a lot of playable characters in the game, in addition to the 4 -- 12 if you have the DLC's-- you can actually unlike more characters to play with. Just upon started the game I unlocked T-pott and after two levels I unlocked a unicorn character. So the game has a lot of replayability. Another thing I thought was cool that after you complete a level it tells you about the objectives for that level. Some may argue that they wish that would have been introduced at the beginning of the level, but I do like that it's at the end of the level, mainly because for those who are completionists it will make you go back and play the level again, so again it promotes replayablity.

In terms of controls, I tend to play these games with a controller and the controller controls were really fluid and were not stiff. I know that the game can also be played with keyboard and mouse as well, so if you do play with keyboard and mouse the option is there. I also thought the visuals and the music of the game were amazing. The game is well done and the humor in the game is pretty awesome as well. 

If there was one thing I felt was a problem with the game is that the game is a Local Co-Op game. This isn't a problem on PC because you have programs like Parsec or Steam Remote Play Together that allow you to play Local Co-op games online. However, if you are playing on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch you will sadly need to have others to play with. That would probably be my only issue with the game, because yes the game is fun in single-player mode, but would be even more fun in multiplayer mode.

If you would like to play Moving Out for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s) which all include a Free to Play Demo. So you can actually try it before you buy it.


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