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The Following game The Magnificent Trufflepigs was provided to me for free by the developers/publishers of the game. I would like to thank the developers/publishers for providing a free copy of the game to play on my stream.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays The Magnificent Trufflepigs on PC.


The Magnificent Trufflepigs is a walking simulator where you play as Adam, an old friend of Beth who has been asked to come back to a farm to do some metal detecting in order to find the other earring that Beth found a long time ago when she was a child. The game is roughly about two and a half hours long, but in that two and a half hours, you learn a lot about Beth and even Adam. I will admit that I have my own theory about the game, and so because I do have my own theory about the characters I am going to tell you now that there is going to be spoilers towards the end of this so if you don't want any spoilers, feel free to read my thoughts about the game and when I get to the spoilers I will list that passage under GAME THEORY - SPOILERS AHEAD. In addition, if you don't want any spoilers or what my thoughts about the game are then feel free to watch the videos above.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs is paced pretty well, the story begins with Beth asking an old friend if she wants to come out to the old farm where they use to do some detecting. When Sally, the friend tells her no, Beth then says she will call Adam and have him come out to do the detecting. It seems that no one likes Adam and Beth defends him saying that he has always been there for her when she needed him.

So Adam and Beth, whom you only hear and never see do some detecting for an entire week and long story short because I don't want to give away too much of the game, until I hit my game theory they figure themselves out.

Some may say that the game moves at a slow pace, but they are using metal detectors and to be fair I have never seen a person running with a metal detector in real life, so I do feel that it is true life. Besides the slow pace of the game does help with the story. I felt like the metal detector portions of the game were second to the story. You would find an object in the ground with your metal detector, then you would take a picture to send to Beth, and then a story would start. This is the majority of how the game is played, with the exception of being able to take pictures here and there which also started more stories.

The game in terms of controls was played with a keyboard and mouse. I cannot confirm if the game can be played with a controller, as usually when I play walking simulators like these, I tend to use a keyboard and mouse. I will say that the keyboard and mouse were very simple which allowed you to focus on the game and its story. I also liked that there was an accessibility option in the game's menu. Therefore I was able to make the subtitles bigger so that others could read the subtitles of the game, and it even allowed for you to turn on the subtitles for sound effects as well.

Overall The Magnificent Trufflepigs is an excellent walking simulator with a very rich story and I do recommended it.

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By continuing to read the following section you are subjecting yourself to spoilers of the game. If at this time you do not want a spoiler please do not read the following section. However, if you don't mind having spoilers then please feel free to read ahead.

As I have stated before I really did enjoy The Magnificent Trufflepigs, it is a fantastic game. However, there were some things that I noticed in the game that bother me a bit. For starters the relationship between Beth and Adam.

Beth and Adam seem to have a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship doesn't have to be a romantic relationship, it can be a friendship and even can happen with family members. I say their relationship is toxic because Beth tries to keep Adam under wraps and doesn't want anyone to know that she is hanging around him. Also, Adam seems to be a pushover or lovestruck by Beth, like he pushes the buttons with her when she doesn't want to talk about how Jake and She have gone their separate ways, how her life is falling apart.

Then there were things that Beth would say that made me feel that maybe there is more to the relationship. Maybe it's not as toxic as one thinks. I say this because remember you never get to see Adam or Beth, and Adam seems to only show up whenever Beth is in a crisis, and so my theory that I thought about is what if Adam and Beth are one and the same?  That would explain why you never get to see them, why Adam is so willing to take Beth's lashing out as a bump on the chin and not be phased by it. It could also explain why Adam only shows up when Beth is in a crisis to help "sort her out" as he says in one of their talks. There's even another story that they have when she was younger and depressed Adam was the only one there for her, but when she found that earring she simply stopped talking to him.

There is also the thing with Adam calling Beth's Mom and Dad, Mum and Dad he never says your Mum or your Dad. He simply just says Mum and Dad which at first would make you think that Adam and Beth are brother and sister, but then it starts to become more clear that this isn't the case and that Adam could be a part of Beth. Like when Beth makes a grave mistake at the office and Adam askes if he should come along, and she gets defensive like no Dad and Lucy can't know that you are here, so it leaves me to believe that in times of stress Beth created Adam to help be the voice of reasoning and to help her become whole with herself. This even goes with Adam saying he knows all her strengths, and weaknesses and everything about her. So either Adam is pretty creepy or Adam is actually a part of Beth. Now I know some will say well there is that part where Adam asks Beth out for drinks.

However, I can explain why she would turn down the drinks. I mean if you showed up to a bar to drink by yourself, and were talking to yourself it wouldn't be ideal and people especially in the small town where Beth is from, would talk.

Another thing people might point out is on the last day you start off as Adam in the field before Beth pulls up in a Mudalot Van so they have to be two separate people.

However, on this day Adam is just standing there with a Metal Detector in silence. He never questions where is Beth. Like most people would stand around and wonder where a person was and even say "Hey, Maybe I should call her to see where she is." However, he does nothing but just stands there until she pulls up, and then he has a full conversation with her. Which then at the end she decides to go out on the road to do some detecting and when Adam asks if he can come along, she tells him she needs to do this alone. Then he asks if he should stay away forever, and she tells him well not forever as that seems too long. Then the game ends with Beth asking Sally if she and her kids would like to go out detecting, and that she hasn't talked to anyone for a whole week, which means either Adam means nothing to her and she uses him, or again Adam is a part of her and so technically she hasn't talked to anyone but herself for the entire week.

Again this is just how I interpreted the game, but I recommend you playing the game for yourself and see if you come up with something different.

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