Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams Free to Play Fridays: How We Got Here (PC)

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays How We Got Here on PC.

How We Got Here is a fantastic pixel art game. The game starts with you awaking on a floating island with no idea how you got there. Along the way, you meet Clarence another person across another island on a floating island. In general, you cross multiple islands in this floating island world and try to figure out why you are there.

The game is very beautiful and I really like the voice acting in the game is great. I did have some issues with the game where the Tutorial dialogue wouldn't prompt and I found myself restarting the game a lot when I thought I got stuck, but that later turned out to be player error and not the game.

Overall, a pretty interesting surreal pixel art game, and I do recommend it.

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Free to Play 

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