Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams: Free to Play Fridays: Abyss of Neptune (PC)

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays Abyss of Neptune on PC.

Abyss of Neptune is a free-to-play survival horror that takes place in the deep seas around the Bermuda Triangle. You are sent there as Miss Nakai and her companion D-NA who have come to investigate a signal that has been emitting from the area, but there seems to be a little something more going on here. I thought that the game was really immersive and although these are not my types of games, I got more of a Bioshock vibe from it as opposed to survival horror, however, I didn't get very far in the game so that could change.

The controls weren't as bad as some made them out to be being that the game does take place underwater and I have seen games with not the greatest controls when it comes to underwater-based games. Overall, still a pretty interesting game for free-to-play.

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