Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams: Smelter (PC)

The Following game Smelter was provided to me for free by the developers/publishers of the game. I would like to thank the developers/publishers for providing a free copy of the game to play on my stream.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays Smelter on PC.

Smelter is an action-packed game that is a spiritual successor to the game Act Raiser. The game takes one of the oldest stories of time about Adam and Eve and adds action platformer elements to the game.

The game starts off as Adam and Eve in what I can assume is the Garden of Eden in which Adam decided to pick up the apple that has fallen from the tree, which one can assume is the tree of knowledge and takes a bite out of it. This sends his and Eve's world into total chaos and you wake up as Eve who has fallen from grace with no Adam insight. So naturally, she does what any person would do, goes on an epic journey to find her lost love. On the way from escaping the underground she runs into Smelter a talking suit of armor that has Eve Flootipoo with him and grants her really awesome abilities or powers

-- On A Side note I do have to wonder if the Developers got inspiration from Kill La Kill, and if you haven't seen that anime, I recommend seeing it, if you can get past the fan service it is a fantastic anime. Okay small Anime rant over--

The gameplay is solid as well as the in-between where you are helping Smelter and his people rebuild their lands. Again the game is a lot like Act Raiser with a dash of Kill La Kill and if that isn't reason enough to play it, then I don't know what is. I do highly recommend the game though.

If you would like to play Smelter for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s):


$19.99 USD

$19.99 USD

Purchasing through my humble bundle link not only helps me as a stream but some of the proceedings go to the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

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$19.99 USD
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