Ready Set Indie Game Presents: Deltarune Chapter 1 - Part 1 (Nintendo Switch)

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In this gameplay series, Ready Set Indie Games plays Deltarune Chapter 1 on Nintendo Switch.

Ironically, I had to really see how I was going to approach my thoughts in regards to Deltarune Chapter 1. So lately, I've gotten into the Undertale Universe and I say Universe because of the sole fact that there are so many alternative realities that have been created by fans of the game and they are some fantastic universes. When Undertale came out I first avoided the game. I know some may be saying to themselves "How could you a big supporter of Indie Games have not played Undertale all this time." Simply put everyone was playing it, and so  I wanted to play it when no one could really influence my thoughts about the game. Simply put I wanted to enjoy the game and interpret it for myself.

Personally, I feel that everybody experiences the Undertale Universe differently, and again the proof is that there are multiple fan games and universes created by fans and after both playing Undertale and seeing a playthrough I have become a big fan of the game. So, it was only natural after being bitten by the Undertale bug that I would finally go ahead and give Deltarune Chapter 1 a try and I'm glad I did.

So I will go ahead and say that first and foremost there may be some SPOILERS in this passage so if you don't want anything spoiled then you may not want to read this after this passage. For me to get my true feelings out about the game, there is a chance that I am going to Spoiler Parts of Undertale as well as Deltarune so if you don't want anything spoiled then go ahead and skip the paragraphs after this and watch the videos. Again, there is no commentary for the videos as I want you all to interpret the game in your own way and not my way. Otherwise, if you have played Undertale and Deltarune Chapter 1 then feel free to read this, also remember that the words and opinions are my own and are not to be taken seriously. This is just my interpretation of Deltarune Chapter 1 and you may or may not agree with that and that’s okay.

First, it is important that you remember that the creator of UnderTale and Deltarune Toby Fox,  has confirmed that Undertale and Delatrune are both totally different games if you haven’t had a chance to read the FAQs about Deltarune please check it out here on its official site here .

So, it’s important to know that although some of our beloved characters from Undertale do make an appearance they are not the same characters that we encounter in Undertale. So it is safe to say that whatever condition you left Undertale in, that Universe is still in that state.

Deltarune is a game that I like to consider a “What If” game or if we want to be a little more snazzy let’s say that Deltarune is an Isekai Game. For those of you that have no idea what Isekai means here is a definition of the word from Wikipedia.

Isekai (Japanese: 異世界, transl. "different world" or "otherworld") is a Japanese genre of light novels, manga, anime and video games that revolve around a person who is transported to and has to survive in another world, such as a fantasy world, virtual world or parallel universe.

I say that it is an Isekai Game because it does pose the question of what if you, as the fallen human, didn’t go on your adventure(s) in Undertale and you didn’t do the things you did in Undertale, what if you just simply stayed in the Underground as the adopted human child?  What sort of life would you have lived in the Underground of this time. In this timeline, you are the adopted child of Toriel who again is still not with Asgore. Unlike in Undertale where you find out why they aren’t together, in this world at least starting off you have no idea on why the two aren’t together. Also in this timeline SPOILER ALERT!! Asriel is alive and is your older brother who is off at University and you wake up as Kris who is currently late for school, you will notice that Kris wears a shirt that is green and has a yellow stripe going through the middle, hmm if you have played Undertale just think about a particular fallen human who also wore the same clothing, go ahead I will let that sink in for you.

There are some things I liked to point out. I’ve done a little research on Deltarune after playing and a lot of people are saying that Deltarune is an Anagram for Undertale. I thought that was very clever and then I noticed that that isn’t the only that anagrams come into play. As Kris goes to school and they show up late they are then partner by miss Alphys (yes the adorable otaku Alphys who a scientist in Undertale is now your homeroom teacher in Deltarune) with Susie, a purple monster who kinda resembles a dinosaur/lizard/dragon who is misunderstood. You two are sent off to get chalk from the supply closet to get chalk but somehow going into the closet you both end up falling into the Dark World. Upon entering the Dark World you run across Lancer a new foe who tells you that he can’t let you pass and tried to fight you.

You can choose to do a Pacifist Route or Genocide Route, but keep in mind no matter what route you choose it does not change the ending in the game it changes some events in the Dark World it seems, but not in the end game itself. I understand why there is still one end but even though it is just one end, you can technically interpret the way you want to, again both Undertale and Deltarune are games about interpretation. So depending on what right you choose to do, you the player can interpret why the ending was the way it was.

Now, remember I mention that the Deltarune is an anagram for Undertale. Well, after playing the game there was a lot of think that set in. One in Dark World Kris and Susie meets the Dark Prince whose name is Ralsei which SPOILER ALERT is an Anagram for Asriel and you get this at the end of your travel in Dark World when Ralsei unmasks themselves and you notice he looks like a certain tiny person from Undertale. It was after this that I really realized what was going on.

I know that I dropped spoilers up above but this is going to be a huge spoiler section here so please skip this if you have not played Deltarune Chapter 1. If you in fact continue to read this you are acknowledging that you know that the following section has spoilers in it and that you are okay with it. Also again the following are all my thoughts and opinions and just what I thought of the game and how I interpret and again you may agree or disagree with my thoughts and that is okay.

When you return back from Dark World Susie askes if all that is real and then asks if you all can go back tomorrow. You get a call from your mom who is upset with you not coming home after school but allows for you to hang out a little bit longer with your friend. So you have the option of going just home, but of course, if you want more in-depth you have got to go and talk to everyone around town, which is what I choose and doing this made me realize some things.

Remember I said you play as a Character name Kris and that Kris is wearing a Green Shirt with a yellow stripe through it? So let’s look at the letters of Kris’ name. K.R.I.S. Hmmm K.R.I.S. could be an Anagram for Risk. Meaning that you are taken a Risk with this character because again this character does wear a green shirt with a yellow stripe in which for those of us who have played Undertale we know that a certain Fallen Human by the name of Chara wore this exact same shirt.

As you go around town talking you find out that Kris isn’t exactly as good as they portray to be. There are stories of them scaring their neighbor Noelle and sweet and innocent deer monster. When Kris visits the church the Father tells Kris that if they want more of their “fruit juice” that they need to start coming to services and that they miss their Brother who had a great singing voice and that Kris should join the choir as well.

After you go around and talk to all the familiar not familiar faces you return home in which your mother tells you that you can go lay down and wait for the pie to cool. Once you go to lay down a cut scene appears in which Kris awakes in a zombie motion. Kris rips the soul out of their chest and throughs it into a corner. Afterward, a knife comes out and there is a menacing smile on their face and chapter one ends.

Now depending on what route you take, it is still the same outcome. So I feel that the ending is more so left to the interpretation of the player.
I choose to do the pacifist route during gameplay and after the ending, I said to myself, that if you are in fact playing Chara who is now Kris and is kind of a Risk to deal with then the ending means, that no matter how good you are there is always going to be a dark side to you. Eventually, you will give into the darkness in your heart and soul, even if you choose to disconnect yourself from your emotions you can only pretend for so long before it consumes you and takes over you if that is your true intent.

If you decided to do the genocide route which I do want to go back and play the Genocide route even though it doesn’t make a difference. I have interpreted this as, even though you have chosen to give in to your darkness, you are always going to want more. You will never be able to stop that thirst or that hungry you are always going to want more and there will never be just “one more time,” or “I’ll stop after the next”, it will consume you and become like an addiction that sadly you cannot cure.

That is also my interpretation.

Now onto some theories that are again my own theories:

Now after that I had another theory in mind, and even though it has been confirmed that the two worlds are not in the same world that doesn’t mean that they aren’t parallel universes. Which if this is a parallel world from the Undertale World and you are playing the first fallen human Chara who is known as Kris in this world, then no matter what world Chara is in they will always have that hatred in their heart. If you remember in The True Pacifist ending of Undertale Asriel states that Chara ...wasn't really the greatest person." and that Chara climbed Mount Ebott for an unhappy reason, and adds that Chara "hated humanity".

So again that’s just a theory of who I believe Kris is in Deltarune.

Another theory that I had about Kris is that because they spend so much time with Susie who in the beginning just wants to kill everything in sight and eventually realizes that this isn’t a good thing to always do. Yes, you should fight when it is necessary, but you still need to also be kind when the time comes.  My theory is that after spending a whole day with Susie and her bloodthirsty ways this could have in fact awoken the dark side of Kris, like they did some questionable childish things, but if Susie could kill without question then why can’t they?

Just so you understand this has not been confirmed and that Susie awakening Kris’ Darkside is just a theory I have.

Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way. I will go ahead and say that I absolutely loved Deltarune. I enjoyed the battle system which combines traditional RPG systems with the bullet hell system and I really enjoyed the new characters in the game. I love the way that the game hits you not only in the feels but allows for someone such as myself to critically think about the game and think of all of these theories. I will say that I enjoy Deltarune more than I enjoy Undertale and I believe that Toby Fox is on the right path with the game and I cannot wait until the other chapters come out and look forward to other games that come out from Toby Fox.

If you would like to play Deltarune Chapter 1 for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s):

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