Ready Set Indie Games Live Streams: DevLife (PC)

The Following game Dev Life was provided to me for free by the developers/publishers of the game. I would like to thank the developers/publishers for providing a free copy of the game to play on my stream.

The following Live Stream Footage of Dev Life is either an alpha version, beta version, early access or, demo of the game. Therefore, the footage you see may or may not be featured in the final version of the game, also there may be some noticeable bugs in the game.

In this Live Stream, Ready Set Indie Games plays Dev Life on PC.

Dev Life is a simulation game that puts you in the sit of a developer. You start off when you are 17 and continue to build your empire, by doing commission work, and eventually opening your own business and hiring your own employees. The one thing that makes this game different then another simulation of being a developer is that you can actually pick out traits for your dev and even hold a second job while you are developing your projects or working on commission.

The game is a lot of fun and I do appreciate the low-poly graphics of the game as well and I recommend playing it if you are into simulation games.

If you would like to play Dev Life for yourself, you can do so on the following platform(s):
Early Access


$10.99 USD 

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at