Ready Set Indie Games Presents: LudoNarraCon 2021: Mind Scanners (Demo)

LudoNarraCon 2021: Mind Scanners (Demo)



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Demo Length

About 30 Minutes


Disclaimer: This is the Ludo Narra Con 2021 Demo of the game and therefore it is best to realize that the following gameplay footage of Mind Scanners is either an alpha version, beta version, early access or, demo of the game. Therefore, the footage you see may or may not be featured in the final version of the game, also there may be some noticeable bugs in the game.

Mind Scanners, due to release May 20, 2021, is a simulation game that leaves you wanting more of the game after playing its demo. In Mind Scanners, you play as the parent of a woman who has been taken in by The Structure due to her struggles with mental illness. The Structure is a facility that employs Mind Scanner individuals who tend to cure those with mental illness struggles. You have been trying to see your daughter and after being told numerous times, you decide to become a Mind Scanner yourself in hopes of once again be reunited with your daughter.

Mind Scanner is a well in-depth game with a compelling story. Mind you that this is just the demo of the game, so what I am writing here is only to be based upon its demo as I am not sure if the full game has the same experiences I had in the demo of the game. I was already interested in the game when I read its description and I love simulation games and this one has a sci-fi feel to it and I like a good sci-fi game.

Starting off the demo introduces the mechanics of the game. However, it already has saved you time and done the mind scan portion of the game for you with the first patient. Now if this is just for the demo that is perfectly fine because I can understand that you don’t want the game to go too far, a demo is just supposed to give a taste and I respect that. I just hope that the full version of the game goes better into explaining the mechanics of the game.

My reason behind this was because I didn’t realize I was supposed to do the Mind Scan myself for the next patient. Another thing is that the game doesn’t explain to you that during the Mind Scan you are to pick out what you feel is wrong with the patient or a trait of the patient, and that for every wrong answer it knocks off time from how long you have to work with the patient or patients because the time you have carries over to the other patients as well. There is a lot of deducting from the time. Getting to a patient deducts time. The Mind Scan only deducts time if you get the trait of the patient wrong so you must pay attention and take your time with this portion of the game so that you don’t lose time. You also lose time when you are providing the treatment.

The treatment is taking care of by one machine or if you construct the other machines for the treatment type. I was confused about what I was supposed to do on the machines, so an explanation of what the machines do might need to be done. If not in the game, then perhaps a YouTube Video that one can watch that tells what the machines do because if you don’t know how to operate the machines correctly it can stress out the patient, and if the patient gets stressed out enough the treatment stops and can lead to some dire consequences.

Once I figured out how the game is supposed to be played it is a lot of fun, and it made me want to play more of the game, but sadly the demo came to an end and I could only do one thing and that was wishlist the game on Steam for PC, and wait for its release on May 20, 2021, and if you like simulation games then I suggest you too also wishlist Mind Scanners.