Ready Set Indie Games Presents: LudoNarraCon 2021: Teacup (Demo)

LudoNarraCon2021: Teacup


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Demo Length

About 20 Minutes


Disclaimer: This is the Ludo Narra Con 2021 Demo of the game and therefore it is best to realize that the following gameplay footage of Teacup  is either an alpha version, beta version, early access or, demo of the game. Therefore, the footage you see may or may not be featured in the final version of the game, also there may be some noticeable bugs in the game.

Teacup is an exploration adventure game about a Frog name Teacup, who loves Tea. She wakes up one morning to find out she’s all out of tea, and to add more to it she has a Tea Party soon. So Teacup must go out into her town and grab all the ingredients needed to have not only Tea for herself but her tea party as well.

As far as the game itself goes I thought that the crayon art style was really cute and gave the game character. It was hard not to say “aww” when seeing Teacup and I think the art style has a lot to do with that. The demo itself is not that long but you do meet a few of the characters that are going to be in the game. You meet Otto an old owl, Wren a Badger, and Salomandor a Salamander. I love that there is a map you use to travel from place to place.

Although this is an exploration game, the game does have mini-games in it as well, and you get to experience at least two in the demo that I know of. The mini-games add more to the game, because although I do love a good exploration game having something to break it up can be a good thing, and with this, I feel that having the mini-games are a good thing to keep the player engaged with the story. The mini-games are not hard and help to continue the chill vibe of the game.

As far as controls go the game does use both a keyboard and mouse, as well as a controller. I tend to use the keyboard and mouse with these games and so I stuck to traditional. The only strange thing about it is that it used arrow keys instead of WASD which again was fine as I grew up in a time where you used arrow keys to game, but I would still like the option of being able to use WASD as well.

Teacup is planned to be released this year in 2021 and if you like what you’ve seen of the game you can wishlist the game on PC via Steam.